Ms. Vinita Penna, Singapore Life Coaching

Life Coaching experiences as shared by Vinita, Singapore

Posted by Fifth Element Co. on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dhanya Krishna, Bangalore, India Life Coaching

We have all heard of the phrase to add fuel to fire....and mostly it has been used in a sort of negative way... But this time around I'd like to address this fuel that came into my life in the form of Fifth element.
There is a time in life when you think everything around you just seems to be collapsing and nothing seems to be getting better.. every effort you put just seems to be going in vain and there is no sense of improvement in your life... a sense of losing control....I went thru a similar phase where whether it was family-wise or financially or professionally, everything seemed to be going downhill and I felt I just could not find a solution to it or fix anything... I was on the verge of giving up... And this is when my cousin sister told me about the Life Coaching program that Fifth Element was offering... She had done it and found a major shift in her life and she highly recommended it... Well for me, I was in this state where I thought "if this is my last resort I may as well try it out too".
I got in touch with Rita and almost immediately started off with the sessions with her...
To tell you the truth I found someone to talk to and that was the biggest point of relief... The feeling that someone is able to understand what you are going thru and empathise with you and yet not judge you, that was what helped me talk with ease.... Each session got me to delve in further into who I am and I began to figure a lot of reasons as to why I have been reacting to situations in a particular fashion.
As we went further into our sessions I was able to get my husband to also join in for the Life Coaching. This was a big milestone for us, as now it was not just me who was trying to get my act together, but my partner was also there to help and sort his issues too... With each session I began to believe further that yes I can make that change to my life and that too with the support of my husband.... And yes that fire I spoke about earlier... The one that seemed like it was almost at the verge of disappearing into thin air... It found its fuel ... This fuel not just helped me take charge of my life, but got me to start looking at all my concerns of life in a new perspective.... The Life coaching helped me get rid of a lot of baggage I have been carrying knowingly and unknowingly... and one would be surprised to see how much we carry within ourselves unknowingly.
Today I can very proudly say that my effort to become a better person, a better wife, and above all a better mother is getting fruitful by the day... My relationship with my husband has found a new dimension of understanding and togetherness. There is harmony and peace in me and my actions.
There may be some off days which I guess is human but to realise it and to respond to the situation in a better way today I am able to do it... I thank Rita from the bottom of my heart for being the fuel to ignite the fire within me and helping me out in every possible way.. Thank you Fifth Element!

Nisha Sidhu, USA Life Coaching

Life coaching with Rita has been a life-altering experience for me and I am forever in gratitude for this journey. Rita, through her life coaching, has taught me to genuinely look at the difficult moments that I have had in my life in a new and positive light. With each challenge that I have faced, I have learned the deeper meaning behind it and now I can truly be thankful for every experience, good or bad, and attribute it's blessing to the simple fact that it has shaped and made me the person I am today. I can actually say with a huge smile that I love myself and the person that I am. This is something which I never could have even dreamt of saying in the past.
At times it wasn't easy. In fact, there were a number of things I found difficult to let go, but Rita has a way of bringing about the positive changes in such a creative, caring, and beautiful way that I never felt any pressure. In reality, it was quite the opposite. At the end of each session I felt so light and happy that I honestly didn't want the session to end.
Her techniques and analogies are brilliant and she has an amazing way of showing the light indirectly so that you are the one making the discovery. This not only fosters a feeling of independence and has a stronger impact, but it also has a long lasting effect that you don't forget outside of the sessions. She gives you the tools that you can apply in daily life to deal with any challenging situation and I continue to use them every day.
The enormously positive results of life coaching are not only emotional for me but they are physical too. For 8 years, I have suffered from a chronic disease that at times made it impossible for me to leave home. I have never known or understood the true connection of mind, body, and spirit until now, and I can attest to its power through the amazing turnaround I have experienced in my health.
Rita is a gift to this world that I hope many more people can experience. The passion she has for her work and her beautiful outlook on life is absolutely inspiring. I am beyond blessed to have her guide me through this wonderful journey.
Forever in Gratitude

Ms Aaliya Mulla, Mumbai, India Life Coaching

“This Life Coaching has been the most enlightening experience thus far. It has taught me more about myself than I’d ever have recognised, and has already helped bring about many positive changes in my life.
I initially expected it to be similar to weekly sessions with a psychiatrist wherein you’d talk, answer questions, be told how to go about doing things and use mental exercises to trick your mind into thinking positively.
On the other hand, here I got something very different. Life Coaching gave me the platform to think for myself, it helped me choose a path of positive & objective thinking wherein I myself take the onus & action to improve my life, & hold myself with pride, dignity & responsibility.
The coach is very patient & understanding. From a very neutral standpoint, she has helped me and also enabled me to see & understand both sides of the picture in every situation. She has been a fantastic guide, and rather than spoon feeding inputs into me, has triggered the thinker, introspection & retrospection streak in me instead. The style of coaching evokes more out of a person rather than instils into a person which further aids one to rationalize for themselves.
While the modules start off as very specific titles, you later learn how they weave into every aspect of your life & how everything at Life Coaching, from start to finish serves as the best road map into one’s being.
It has been a major eye opener in ways that I hadn’t expected. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, right from the origin of what made me who I am today, from the creator perspective. I am now going to carry myself with a lot more confidence and faith in myself.
The first problem addressed was my need for freedom at home which I believed I wasn’t being given. Life Coaching helped me change my understanding of it, and switch my energy to a point where my relationship with my parents has improved tremendously. Not only has the constant friction between them and me reduced, but it has also helped improve communication with them. My relationship with my parents has only gotten stronger. Not only has it positively affected my rapport at home, I have also been able to strengthen my relations with peers & am being perceived better than before.
I would have been very reluctant to enrol myself into something such as “Life Coaching” at any other time in life before this. But I now believe that things happen for one’s good, & I am extremely happy and truly stand with the fact that life coaching is now a very crucial aspect in me shaping myself and my energy positively, & for which I will always be very grateful.""

Mrs. Rekha, USA Life Coaching

“Having done Life Coaching with Rita, I feel lighter and find myself accepting rather than fighting and resisting.
My anxiety issue is almost gone. I am much calmer, and definitely notice how my thinking has changed for the better.
I understand that I am the creator of my thoughts and actions, and now think differently about all aspects of my life.
Rita made me feel very relaxed during the sessions, and did not prod or pressurise, so it was easy to open up.
Her patience and understanding of my personality is impressive. She really listens to you and understands what you are feeling at the moment. Her clarity in each situation amazes me. I have greatly benefitted from this Life Coaching.”

Bruce Hoffort, Wisconsin, USA Life Coaching

This has been a great experience for me, and I am very pleased to have met you and worked with you.
My expectations were to receive some input on what I needed to do to improve my life, and to hopefully receive some enlightenment and inspiration to get motivated and moving! I received this and more.
Your coaching style is unique and you are very intuitive! You took me to places that I did not expect to go. And I had some initial hesitation, but you were always accurate with your intuition.
I have benefited greatly from this Life Coaching. I think the biggest benefit has been in the way that I treat myself. I am much kinder and gentler with myself now, and that is something that I had never been able to do.
I would highly recommend this Life Coaching from Rita to anyone.

SG, New York Feng Shui Consultancy

Doing Feng Shui Consultancy for my apartment with Fifth Element has been a very positive experience for me. I also realized that the recommendations took into consideration all my requests.
The biggest shifts were the improvements in familial relationships. I had not talked to my sister in close to 2 years, and right around when I started with Feng Shui Consultation, she just reached out to me on my birthday, initiating contact after a long time. Since then we have both made conscious efforts to stay in touch and meet up when we can. I am now more active in my nephew and niece’s lives.
Also my aunt and uncle whom I had not met in 30 plus years, although we were in touch, reached out and came to visit me during their trip to the US, and also stayed with me for a full weekend.
I have also seen improvements in my dating life. Even though nothing concrete has yet worked out, I am now hopeful that it will soon.
I noticed that the money flow had improved (even though my earning capacity didn’t change drastically). Financially I was able to refinance my mortgage, which reduced my monthly payments considerably.
I also felt a drastic improvement in my health. A lot of minor health ailments slowly started reducing or disappearing.
I now consciously pursue my hobby of painting, which helps my moods tremendously.
I had been asked to remove one of my art pieces – a famous Picasso that I had copied on my own and was very proud of it. I was surprised that a close friend who came to my apartment a couple of days later, loved that very piece and wanted the same. I gladly just took that down and handed it over to him. To me, good energy had already started flowing into my apartment.

Ms Mehak Sharma, Speech Therapist, Dubai Life Coaching

I did my Life Coaching with Fifth Element after I was rather impressed by my parents who had done the same prior to me. I thought there was no hope for any change in them and then they did this Life Coaching and I definitely felt a difference, not just in them but also in the overall vibe of our family.
I had been going through severe depression, weight gain and a pretty shitty feeling that I had been pushed underground and there was no way back up. I thought I knew why this was happening, but sometimes just knowing the answer isn't enough. So I thought of Life coaching because somewhere I was aware that this was not just something I could get over by distracting myself or 'being positive', etc. I knew the root cause had to be dealt with.
My first session itself was quite revealing to me about my life patterns and some root causes to me being who I am. I was listened to and guided patiently throughout. We did sessions and assignments together and Ms Rita was always at my rescue. I immediately started feeling better. That dark cloud started lifting. I could understand myself better. The sad part is that I never completed all my assignments. However, despite that I certainly saw changes in my life, and was able to face myself and the world again.
There are many lessons that we may keep reading about in various books and forwarded messages, and we may understand them conceptually. But Life Coaching helped me identify the depths of these lessons. My intention of doing this Life coaching was very personal mostly. But am sure that be it a professional or health or relationship or any other issue, it all starts from within us. Hence, if we can sort out what's within us, then things in the outer world automatically work out. So Life Coaching works for everyone in every area. Only thing is be willing to work on yourself.
I sincerely am grateful to Fifth Element for guiding me through this journey.

Mrs. Saira Sethi, New York Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Fifth Element has been the best investment I have made for myself till date. I am grateful to the time and energy invested by Rita to ensure I get the best out of this whole experience.
Her approach was very welcoming and accepting. She provided a platform of no judgements or guilt, which encouraged me to share openly. Through her appropriate probing, she was able to help me identify core issues that were lying deep inside and guided me how to address them.
I got a lot of breakthroughs in specific areas of money, acceptance as well as integrity. It has also helped me accept parts of me I wasn’t even aware of, with love and minus judgement. I have been feeling much lighter, like a huge weight that got lifted from my shoulders and I do feel more optimistic and positive. I had expected to address the specific issues that I had identified in my life and myself.
However, I also became aware of other aspects of myself that I was completely unaware of; for instance how I had zero tolerance for being a ‘last minute’ person. The entire experience has made me aware of my programming and how I have created certain situations in my life.
Like most humans, I too would blame people and circumstances when things didn’t go my way. I now realize how I have created my equation with money, how easily I go into judgment when others don’t agree with me and also how I expect others to be always honest with me when I may not necessarily practice it myself.
Since the time I began my Life Coaching, followed by my reprogramming, I can see how my finances have improved, opportunities are coming my way and my acceptance of myself in totality with my strengths and flaws has improved.

Mrs. Kota Venkata Subbalakshmi, Singapore Feng Shui Consultancy

The experience has been good. I came to know how elements interact and create different energies that impact our life.
I was surprised when I was reading the Feng Shui report from Fifth Element, wondering how they were able to identify what was happening in our lives just by looking at the floor plan of our house and taking a Skype tour of our house.
Health of my family members has improved, and relationships are getting stronger. My son’s grades have improved. I am happy.

Mrs Saira Sethi, New York Feng Shui Consultancy

We had done Feng Shui of our earlier home in Singapore some years ago. However this is our first time getting it done before we actually moved into the apartment. In fact we also took guidance from Fifth Element to choose the apartment from energy perspective.
This had advantages:
· We were able to decorate the home and pick out the right colors & ideas.
· Concurrently, as suggested by Fifth Element, we also focussed on putting our energies on all those areas that we wished to enhance.
The consultancy has proved beneficial in multiple areas:
We see a lot of opportunities in terms of work and career, considering we just moved into New York. We began to have multiple options to consider. There has been a steady flow of finances. My husband and me also feel our health is in pretty good shape, adjusting well to the new environment and climate.
We have had a fair amount of family get-togethers and that has brought in a lot of fun and happiness in our lives. The biggest challenge while setting up a new business in a new country is opportunity and we have been experiencing a good amount of that once we completed the Feng Shui.
As a couple we began to spend more time together and connecting at a deeper level. We are happy to have consulted Fifth Element once again and will continue to do so.

Mrs. Sonia Sharma, Greater Noida. Reiki Training

I enrolled myself for Reiki level II workshop just two days before the workshop, as I felt “I do not have time”. But the day I decided and registered, all was fine after that and I completed it with total ease and support from everyone at home.
The best and most surprising thing happened after the workshop, and that was my husband suddenly approached and requested Rita that he along with me, would like to do Life Coaching with her. This was a big pleasant surprise for me. Well this is how things started to move in positive direction, just by participating in the workshop. I am in gratitude to Rita.
Thereafter my daughter who was planning to go abroad for higher education to USA, found that its better for her to go to UK instead. She immediately contacted
The University and was fortunate to get a handsome scholarship. She was working with Adidas since last 9 months but then left them as she planned to take a break.
Even though they knew she is leaving for higher education in two months, still they approached and offered her a still senior position (BDM) with better package and perks. All this happened in just about 2 weeks.
My elder daughter suddenly got her appraisal and got the most unexpected raise in her salary and position. She was also scheduled to visit Dubai for a holiday, and her visa got approved in a day, which at times is difficult for a single lady.
Each day life was giving us a gift of happiness and something amazing to look forward to. All doors had started to open up with the shift in energy with Reiki.
My daily post-workshop practice really gives me solace and total peace of mind and satisfaction, while strengthening my conviction that things are improving and more avenues are opening up for me as well as for my family.
I am in total gratitude to Fifth Element for giving me this amazing experience.
Today I would like to happily declare that I am already looking forward to learning Reiki level -III.

Mrs. Shipra Chadha, Noida Life Coaching

Life Coaching has been a huge learning experience for me.
I went for Life Coaching with the prime purpose that I was unable to deal with my own Anger. I was angry for trivial reasons, and would then blast off, and this was impacting my relationships with my close ones. It was a vicious circle. I would get angry, say and do inappropriate things, & then a huge guilt would set in. Then I would be more angry with myself, and then one trigger and I would again blast off, and the cycle would go on.
Today after having gone through Life Coaching, I find myself more peaceful & calmer. My son, who used to be the biggest victim of my anger, has started sharing so much more with me now. I have become more compassionate & understanding in my relationships with people around me. I have lesser judgments about others, and about myself too. I don't get into the guilt trap often, nor am I feeling sad and low about myself. I can and do make mistakes, and I am ready to accept and work on them. This allows me to be more patient and forgiving with others too.
I have started taking up ownership of my life. While the life coaching sessions were going on, taking possession of our new house, getting the wood-work and electrical work done, and even renting the house happened so smoothly and effortlessly.
With immense support from Fifth Element, I organized a Reiki workshop in Delhi.
My money which was stuck with a company got released. Though it was a small amount, it had caused so much bitterness inside me because I was busy pointing fingers at them.
As I took ownership and responsibility of the situation, the money just came on its own without any efforts.
A lot of aspects about me were unearthed during the process, which I resisted accepting.
As my acceptance is growing, my judgments about others are going down, and I find myself much calmer and peaceful. The more I am looking in every situation as to how have I created this, there is little left to blame others. The more I am willing to let go of my controls, the more peaceful I am becoming. My relationship with my own self and others is shifting.
The commitment with which Rita didi operates is just amazing. She was more committed to my growth than I have ever been to myself. I am so grateful to Fifth Element and Rita didi for their constant guidance and support.

Mrs. Sonia Sharma, Greater Noida. Life Coaching

Life is not always the way you want. Even after we tried to make things work in the best possible way in every area, my husband and me still felt things were just slipping out of our hands.
Our life had come to a point where we had no listening for each other. Our differences had started to affect our children as well. And at that time for us the silver lining came in the form of LIFE COACHING which got us a whole new perspective to our life and has brought our family together with a stronger bonding and listening for each other.
It all started very dramatically and most unexpectedly when my husband out of the blue requested Rita of Fifth Element to start our Life Coaching. In no time we were under the wings of Fifth Element.
As we were given full liberty to speak our heart out, we took advantage and poured out all our bitterness towards each other. We had our excuses to blame for everything happening in our life, with no intention to look within.
I was a person who would go out of my way to do things for others, to be in their good books, just to get appreciation. In the bargain, I forgot to live my life or respect myself. Today I have learnt to value and respect myself. I have also learnt to respect time and money which was not there till now.
I was judgemental and authoritative, always wanting things my way. Today the new ME is more approachable and down to earth, more understanding, while listening to others.
Our children are so happy that we now respect and value each other. We are enjoying our outings, which had stopped since long. We are once again a close knit family who had totally lost track of each other’s feelings. Today I feel abundant and beautiful the way I am.
While our Life Coaching sessions were still on, I realised things had already started to move in our lives, surprisingly not just for us, but even bringing in new opportunities for our daughters as well.
We wanted our elder daughter to visit Dubai for a long time but she was not agreeing. Suddenly during this period, she agreed and her visa got approved in one go, which normally is difficult for a single lady traveling to UAE. And before she could fly to Dubai her company surprised her with a promotion and a big jump in her salary package.
My other daughter who had quit her job and was planning to go abroad for higher studies was called back by her prestigious Intl company to join them till she is in India and was offered the post of BDM with a good pay packet. This job is giving her a big exposure in the field she is planning to study.
My husband who has been an easy going person and hated to exercise, now goes for morning walks daily. He had learnt Reiki four years ago but never practiced it, though he believed in it and had experienced its power. Today he is willingly practicing Reiki every day.
To sum it up, I owe a lot to Life Coaching which has completely transformed my life.
Rita has put in a lot of effort to study me, my habits, my way of life, and my approach to life, without being judgmental. She has closely worked with me, giving me the confidence and strength to believe in myself and helped me transform myself gradually with ease and with my comfort level. She has actually given me and my family a beautiful new life with new perspectives.
For me Life Coaching is a gate way to happiness of life, which gives you what you want. You ask and your wish is granted fourfolds.

Mr. R. K. Sharma, Greater Noida. Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Fifth Element has been a wonderful experience.
Before I decided to go for the Life Coaching, I felt choked in my life as if someone had blocked my way from all sides, and I was not able to come out. I used to wonder why this is happening to me.
Life coaching sessions have been like a guiding source which have given me a direction, and made me feel confident again. It has helped me to know myself and identify myself. It has helped me identify my patterns in a very logical manner and guided me how to shift them. From being a victim, today I have moved to being the creator. Doors have started to open up for me in life.
It took me a while to understand how to make Time and Money work in my favour, rather than being a victim of them. It’s been a kind of Transforming experience.
Another big revelation for me has been that we need not go searching for GOD to temples and churches or any religious places. We just need to activate that part inside us, without having to go anywhere. It makes life so much easier.
I am really thankful that I went through this before it was too late….or things in my life would have been worse. Not only me, but my whole family is benefitting from my having gone through this.
My gratitude to Rita who puts in a lot of research and energy to give each one of us a customized coaching.
This indeed has been the Most Important Event at such a crucial phase of our life.
I would recommend my children…each one of them as and when possible ….they should also go for it. There is no particular time or stage in life for this….it can and should be undertaken by everyone.

Mrs. Saira Menon Sethi, New York. Reiki Training

I was introduced to Reiki couple of years ago as a recipient.
On more than 2 occasions I received Reiki Healing from Rita and healed almost instantly; once for a stiff neck, and another time for a twisted ankle.
This obviously raised a high level of curiosity in me and the need to learn more. I decided to enrol for Reiki level I in April 2015.
During the 2 day workshop, I learnt that Reiki goes beyond the physical realms that one talks about. I have been suffering from eczema for more than a decade, something that has left scars on my right arm which I felt quite conscious about. I tried several remedies - including natural, steroid creams etc. which did give me temporary relief, but I never quite understood the root. For me this was the biggest breakthrough during the workshop, when with the guidance from the facilitator I was able to track the reason why I attracted it.
Following this, during the 21 day post-practices, I noticed a decrease in my eczema 'itching' symptoms, I was able to sleep better, and felt calmer than usual. My skin condition feels better and so does my overall well-being.
Undoubtedly, Reiki has proven to be more than a blessing for me and I look forward to learning Level 2 from Fifth Element.
In gratitude, Saira

Mrs. Manisha, Noida Reiki Training

After doing Reiki Training workshop with Fifth Element. I am being a very positive and happy person now.
In the first few days of healing only, I started feeling energetic and was able to heal small pains and aches I had.
Now I can even get over my anger n calm myself.
My husband being in merchant navy had to join the ship, and in the 14 years of our marriage for the 1st time I was stable and was not very heavy hearted. When I shared this with him, he was much relaxed. Now he keeps telling me to practice Reiki as he can himself feel the changes in me.
I have even started giving Reiki to my elder son who is 11 years old, and I am seeing ways opening up for him too. He has now started asking me to give Reiki to him.
I have started acknowledging even small things in life which I would never notice earlier, and this is making me happy.
Thank you Fifth Element to guide me to get into the circle of Reiki and giving me positivity and happiness which I can now share with everyone.

Ms Priya Singh, Noida Reiki Training

I observed many changes within me... My thought process started to become more streamlined... It has enabled me to live in the present. My behaviour towards others is better. I don't easily fret as I used to.
Thank you for introducing me to myself.
Everyone in my family, have eye sight issues and wear spects. So I always wanted to wear spects and look one amongst them (not understanding the fact that I have been blessed with a good eyesight). I easily attracted this notion that I have problems in reading and started having constant headaches. To my surprise, exactly a year ago,
I was diagnosed with weak eye sight, high eye pressure etc., and to be honest, I was very happy with that... because I got to wear my fancy eye glasses!!
As I have now become aware how we attract diseases, and can also heal the same, I continued giving myself Reiki believing that my eyesight is normal. And believe it or not...
I have not used my spects till date and have no issues in working on my laptop, watching TV continuously or even reading books. This works!
I fell sick twice... and I could heal myself completely within 2 days. I am really happy to utilize my capabilities in healing my own self. I thank Reiki for flowing through me, energising me and making me feel happy and peaceful.
After my own cleansing was complete, I wanted my parents and sister to experience this magic. After the very first healing session, they felt relaxed and light from within.
There are many such experiences that I have had and would love to share more of them when I come to learn Reiki Level-II..
Sincere thanks to Fifth Element for being the guiding light in my life and introducing me to this wonderful practice. I would like to re-emphasise that this is a gift to me, from me and I will always cherish and be grateful to Reiki. With deep gratitude...

Mrs Nita Chauhan, Singapore Feng Shui Consultancy

We are truly grateful to Fifth Element for the amazing impact their Feng Shui Consultancy has had in our life.
Initially when it was suggested that we should use the main entrance only to our house, I was willing to do it myself, but had apprehensions if all my family members would agree because we were so used to using the back door only. But I was rather surprised that they all agreed to do it so willingly when I gave them the background, and it was a smooth transition. In fact we closed the back door completely.
In the next few days a Pandora's box seemed to have opened up. The issues in our life which had been kept on the back burner, started coming straight into our face and had to be addressed, rather confronted. Not only this, issues that other people were quietly keeping hidden from us started to reveal themselves. Obviously this was to our benefit.
When me and my family embarked on all the recommended shifts suggested by you, we realised that they made so much sense.
My son got admission into the best junior college, i.e. Singapore Raffles Institution.
My husband and I are embarking on a new business venture of Men’s luxury shoes, which has been my passion for several years.
I did lose my job twice in a span of four months, however I have still gained in other ways.
You had advised me that before doing the shifts in the house, I should take permission from my mom who owns the house we live in. I had my reservations and did not want to ask her. For almost a month I kept facing challenges for incorporating the various shifts suggested by you. When you told me to reconsider asking my mom, I went and spoke to her and she was absolutely fine with it.
Immediately after that, all the shifts happened smoothly.
We are amazed at the role of energy in our lives.

Ms Ruchi Saluja, Indonesia Reiki Wellness Therapy

I don't have words to express my appreciation and gratitude for the continuous Reiki Wellness Therapy
you are sending to my brother.
Your healing has brought so many changes in my brother's turbulent life. He has also become mentally calm.
Thanks Shipra, your contribution is invaluable for all in our family.

Mrs. Jyothi Mukundan, Kuwait. Life Coaching

‘Life coaching’.. such a broad term, brimmed with meaning!
My husband and I were fortunate to do this ‘Leadership Coaching’ with Rita.
It was a time in our life when we needed it the most, as many issues had to be addressed simultaneously. Each session was a learning experience.
The assignments and the guidance brought in a new perspective to our lives.
As for me, the ups and downs in my life were so far being dealt with pain, pity and feeling of hopelessness.
I have now learnt to cope up with every situation boldly and with confidence.
I still tend to sometimes have signs of ‘giving up’ which I am sure I will overcome completely, as I follow all assignments and instructions with determination.
Thank you Rita.. These wonderful sessions have made a world of difference to us!!
I see a new road with more lights and brightness after my sessions with you. Will always be grateful for this!

Mr & Mrs Krishna, Bangalore, India. Feng Shui Consultancy

We decided to get the Feng Shui Consultancy for our home done at a stage in our lives when we thought nothing was going right...workwise, financially and personally...
My business had come to a standstill. I was stuck between the idea of either selling it, or taking it over myself from my partner and running it independently.
My husband's firm was going at a snail's pace with very few projects in hand. Both of us were getting into constant fights and misunderstandings with each other over money and relationship matters.
Personally I was constantly feeling low and often very irritable.... My husband also often complained of having very unpleasant dreams whenever he slept on his side of the bed.
On checking the Feng Shui of our house by Fifth Element, it was indicated that there were concerns with the relationship and career areas of our home, and various other observations were made, along with the suggested recommendations to enhance all areas of life. We implemented the changes recommended within a couple of weeks, and truly saw the shift of things in our lives.
I was able to strike a deal to sell my business at a good profit.
My husband started getting better business opportunities.
His disturbed sleep and unpleasant dreams were completely a thing of the past.
We also started communicating better between each other which helped resolve a lot of issues.
We have started taking charge of our responsibilities and acting accordingly. I understand this is a continuous process and the shift in energy in our lives is very evident.
The strongest shift in our life post the Feng Shui consultation is the sense of positivity which has come in. I believe if there is a positive attitude in us, we would be ready to face anything and deal with it peacefully.
We thank Fifth Element for helping us bring this shift in our lives.

Mr.Kunal Sethi, Managing Director S Cap Consultancy Pte Ltd and S Cap Advisors LLC Life Coaching

It has been one roller coaster ride for me past year & a half or so. I was on such a high, even arrogance & my ego were put to shame.
Post that it's been one way traffic, downtown all the way, until I did the coaching sessions. The kind of breakthroughs I have had since then has been nothing short of a miracle.
Now I know exactly what I want, how to achieve it patiently in a humble way. Talking to people sub consciously, seeing through them while they talk to me consciously; the success rate has been phenomenal.
I was a person who used to react at the drop of a hat to the slightest of changes. It was my way or the highway. Now I get what I want or even more, minus the reaction, minus the ego, plus a zillion times more satisfaction.
I am so much more self-aware of myself, everything & everyone around me that it's literally a walk in the park now. So thank you to Rita for helping me achieve this transformation in such a short time and I thank myself too for achieving this.
I share all this as being one of you who wanted help, transformation, and after having experienced the results, I'll say this "There's hope for each & everyone who wants to experience this"

God bless everyone Or like Steven Spielberg would say, “May the force be upon you"

Mrs. Priya Reddy, Bangalore, India Life Coaching

When I took Life Coaching with Rita, the benefits I got have been truly beyond my expectation. To be honest, I was sceptical that this could work.
My husband had become an alcoholic many years ago. He was in denial of the situation, and I think so was I and the rest of the family.
This was obviously taking a huge toll on me and my daughter as well. I was on the verge of leaving him, when someone suggested I take Life Coaching with Rita. I had scoffed at the idea. I strongly believed that it was my husband who needed counselling, coaching, treatment and whatever else possible. I was a victim. Why should I have to take any coaching?
Anyways as a last resort, one day I thought of meeting up with Rita.
The Coaching sessions started to reinstate my belief in myself. Of course the process was long drawn. But instead of running away from the situation, it somewhere started making me feel courageous and worthy to address it. The strong feelings of hate and bitterness that I had developed towards him started dissolving ever so gradually.
Not just me, even our daughter had started hating him. She feared having him around, and she even feared me because I used to unnecessarily keep snapping at her. I was not myself.
Through the Coaching, I learnt to compassionately look at his condition as any other illness someone may go through. It was truly challenging to take a tough call of getting him admitted into a rehab centre completely against his wish.
I am writing this after my husband has come out of it totally. He is a changed person, so loving and responsible. We are a family again, having fun together.
My husband and some of my family members who were so angry with me for forcefully putting him in the rehab, are in gratitude to me today, and totally in gratitude to Fifth Element.
I am in acknowledgment of Rita’s simple, patient and compassionate, yet firm manner of coaching.

Mrs. Sonia Sharma, Delhi, India Feng Shui Consultancy

We approached Rita for Feng Shui consultancy for our house. Due to various reasons all the recommendations and suggestions for the house could not be looked into immediately.
But I must admit that as and when we made the recommended changes and additions to the house, for the appropriate area, we got immediate results.
For instance my daughter Mehak wanted to move out of India for work, and somehow things were just not working out for some reason or other. And shortly after the Feng Shui, it came through; and that too for Dubai which is our first home and where her comfort level is very high. The process started few months ago and today she has already started her job in Dubai with one of the most reputed Medical Center in Jumeirah-Dubai.
The next breakthrough came shortly after we made the recommended shifts for my elder daughter Twinkle’s room which was just a few weeks ago. She was being aloof for quite some time and not interacting with the family for no specific reason, and we were concerned. The impact of the energy shift created through Feng Shui to include her energy in the house / family has amazed us all. We find her interacting with each one of us much more than ever before. We are so pleased with that.
Then came the recommended shifts in the dining area which also got completed few weeks back. This has brought the welcome shift in my husband Raj’s work area. The shop in AWHO market place, Raj wanted since so long but due to various reasons the allotment was just not happening. Finally last week, AWHO allotment exercise took place and my husband got the shop allotted to him, and that too the shop number which he wanted. What else could we ask for!!
These are some of the major changes that we have observed ever since we have followed the Feng Shui recommendations/ suggestions advised.
Today I am in total gratitude to Rita for guiding us in bringing in the positive shifts in our lives. We shall continue to complete the recommendations and get more and more benefits of this consultancy which is undoubtedly bringing in astonishing positive shifts in our home & family.

Ms Shradha Gang, Singapore Life Coaching

I have had a life changing experience from the time I had my first session of Life Coaching. It has made me aware of things I have been doing unknowingly. It has helped me become stronger, less judgemental of people around me and accept every aspect of my personality.
I opted for Life Coaching to overcome my guilt of wanting to end my marriage, of wanting more from life and not settling for the choices I had made for the sake of convenience, to learn to love myself despite the mistakes I have made in life, and to learn not to live in the fear of parting from loved ones.
Life coaching has specifically benefited me in the following areas:
Understanding my parents and their situation: For a very long time I was blaming my parents for the behaviour I had developed, for the low self-worth that I felt. I have had a chance to look at things from their perspective and have started thanking them for the person I am today and all that they instilled in me.
Resistance is persistence: For the first time I understood the meaning of that statement. I have learnt to let go and relax and be in acceptance of whatever comes my way.
Facing my dark side: I have started acknowledging and accepting my dark side. I was living a life of pretence that I was the perfect person, and a victim. Today I share my dark side freely in my training sessions. (I am a corporate trainer) My relationship with my sis Sveta: For the first time ever in my life I have not had any arguments or fights with her. We have never been able to stay in the same house for even one whole day without fighting. I am very grateful to establish this new relationship of understanding with her.
I am really glad I made the decision to start these sessions. This is exactly how I now feel every day!!!