Life CoachingSaira Sethi, New York

Life Coaching with Fifth Element has been the best investment I have made for myself till date. I am grateful to the time and energy invested by Rita to ensure I get the best out of this whole experience.
Her approach was very welcoming and accepting. She provided a platform of no judgements or guilt, which encouraged me to share openly. Through her appropriate probing, she was able to help me identify core issues that were lying deep inside and guided me how to address them.
I got a lot of breakthroughs in specific areas of money, acceptance as well as integrity. It has also helped me accept parts of me I wasn’t even aware of, with love and minus judgement. I have been feeling much lighter, like a huge weight that got lifted from my shoulders and I do feel more optimistic and positive. I had expected to address the specific issues that I had identified in my life and myself.
However, I also became aware of other aspects of myself that I was completely unaware of; for instance how I had zero tolerance for being a ‘last minute’ person. The entire experience has made me aware of my programming and how I have created certain situations in my life.
Like most humans, I too would blame people and circumstances when things didn’t go my way. I now realize how I have created my equation with money, how easily I go into judgment when others don’t agree with me and also how I expect others to be always honest with me when I may not necessarily practice it myself.
Since the time I began my Life Coaching, followed by my reprogramming, I can see how my finances have improved, opportunities are coming my way and my acceptance of myself in totality with my strengths and flaws has improved.