Life CoachingDhanya Krishna, Bangalore, India

We have all heard of the phrase to add fuel to fire....and mostly it has been used in a sort of negative way... But this time around I'd like to address this fuel that came into my life in the form of Fifth element.
There is a time in life when you think everything around you just seems to be collapsing and nothing seems to be getting better.. every effort you put just seems to be going in vain and there is no sense of improvement in your life... a sense of losing control....I went thru a similar phase where whether it was family-wise or financially or professionally, everything seemed to be going downhill and I felt I just could not find a solution to it or fix anything... I was on the verge of giving up... And this is when my cousin sister told me about the Life Coaching program that Fifth Element was offering... She had done it and found a major shift in her life and she highly recommended it... Well for me, I was in this state where I thought "if this is my last resort I may as well try it out too".
I got in touch with Rita and almost immediately started off with the sessions with her...
To tell you the truth I found someone to talk to and that was the biggest point of relief... The feeling that someone is able to understand what you are going thru and empathise with you and yet not judge you, that was what helped me talk with ease.... Each session got me to delve in further into who I am and I began to figure a lot of reasons as to why I have been reacting to situations in a particular fashion.
As we went further into our sessions I was able to get my husband to also join in for the Life Coaching. This was a big milestone for us, as now it was not just me who was trying to get my act together, but my partner was also there to help and sort his issues too... With each session I began to believe further that yes I can make that change to my life and that too with the support of my husband.... And yes that fire I spoke about earlier... The one that seemed like it was almost at the verge of disappearing into thin air... It found its fuel ... This fuel not just helped me take charge of my life, but got me to start looking at all my concerns of life in a new perspective.... The Life coaching helped me get rid of a lot of baggage I have been carrying knowingly and unknowingly... and one would be surprised to see how much we carry within ourselves unknowingly.
Today I can very proudly say that my effort to become a better person, a better wife, and above all a better mother is getting fruitful by the day... My relationship with my husband has found a new dimension of understanding and togetherness. There is harmony and peace in me and my actions.
There may be some off days which I guess is human but to realise it and to respond to the situation in a better way today I am able to do it... I thank Rita from the bottom of my heart for being the fuel to ignite the fire within me and helping me out in every possible way.. Thank you Fifth Element!