Feng Shui ConsultancySonia Sharma, Delhi, India

We approached Rita for Feng Shui consultancy for our house. Due to various reasons all the recommendations and suggestions for the house could not be looked into immediately.
But I must admit that as and when we made the recommended changes and additions to the house, for the appropriate area, we got immediate results.
For instance my daughter Mehak wanted to move out of India for work, and somehow things were just not working out for some reason or other. And shortly after the Feng Shui, it came through; and that too for Dubai which is our first home and where her comfort level is very high. The process started few months ago and today she has already started her job in Dubai with one of the most reputed Medical Center in Jumeirah-Dubai.
The next breakthrough came shortly after we made the recommended shifts for my elder daughter Twinkle’s room which was just a few weeks ago. She was being aloof for quite some time and not interacting with the family for no specific reason, and we were concerned. The impact of the energy shift created through Feng Shui to include her energy in the house / family has amazed us all. We find her interacting with each one of us much more than ever before. We are so pleased with that.
Then came the recommended shifts in the dining area which also got completed few weeks back. This has brought the welcome shift in my husband Raj’s work area. The shop in AWHO market place, Raj wanted since so long but due to various reasons the allotment was just not happening. Finally last week, AWHO allotment exercise took place and my husband got the shop allotted to him, and that too the shop number which he wanted. What else could we ask for!!
These are some of the major changes that we have observed ever since we have followed the Feng Shui recommendations/ suggestions advised.
Today I am in total gratitude to Rita for guiding us in bringing in the positive shifts in our lives. We shall continue to complete the recommendations and get more and more benefits of this consultancy which is undoubtedly bringing in astonishing positive shifts in our home & family.