Life CoachingShradha Gang, Singapore

I have had a life changing experience from the time I had my first session of Life Coaching. It has made me aware of things I have been doing unknowingly. It has helped me become stronger, less judgemental of people around me and accept every aspect of my personality.
I opted for Life Coaching to overcome my guilt of wanting to end my marriage, of wanting more from life and not settling for the choices I had made for the sake of convenience, to learn to love myself despite the mistakes I have made in life, and to learn not to live in the fear of parting from loved ones.
Life coaching has specifically benefited me in the following areas:
Understanding my parents and their situation: For a very long time I was blaming my parents for the behaviour I had developed, for the low self-worth that I felt. I have had a chance to look at things from their perspective and have started thanking them for the person I am today and all that they instilled in me.
Resistance is persistence: For the first time I understood the meaning of that statement. I have learnt to let go and relax and be in acceptance of whatever comes my way.
Facing my dark side: I have started acknowledging and accepting my dark side. I was living a life of pretence that I was the perfect person, and a victim. Today I share my dark side freely in my training sessions. (I am a corporate trainer)
My relationship with my sis Sveta: For the first time ever in my life I have not had any arguments or fights with her. We have never been able to stay in the same house for even one whole day without fighting. I am very grateful to establish this new relationship of understanding with her.
I am really glad I made the decision to start these sessions. This is exactly how I now feel every day!!!