Feng Shui ConsultancyMr & Mrs Krishna, Bangalore, India

We decided to get the Feng Shui Consultancy for our home done at a stage in our lives when we thought nothing was going right...workwise, financially and personally...
My business had come to a standstill. I was stuck between the idea of either selling it, or taking it over myself from my partner and running it independently.
My husband's firm was going at a snail's pace with very few projects in hand. Both of us were getting into constant fights and misunderstandings with each other over money and relationship matters.
Personally I was constantly feeling low and often very irritable.... My husband also often complained of having very unpleasant dreams whenever he slept on his side of the bed.
On checking the Feng Shui of our house by Fifth Element, it was indicated that there were concerns with the relationship and career areas of our home, and various other observations were made, along with the suggested recommendations to enhance all areas of life. We implemented the changes recommended within a couple of weeks, and truly saw the shift of things in our lives.
I was able to strike a deal to sell my business at a good profit.
My husband started getting better business opportunities.
His disturbed sleep and unpleasant dreams were completely a thing of the past.
We also started communicating better between each other which helped resolve a lot of issues.
We have started taking charge of our responsibilities and acting accordingly. I understand this is a continuous process and the shift in energy in our lives is very evident.
The strongest shift in our life post the Feng Shui consultation is the sense of positivity which has come in. I believe if there is a positive attitude in us, we would be ready to face anything and deal with it peacefully.
We thank Fifth Element for helping us bring this shift in our lives.