Life CoachingJyothi Mukundan, Kuwait

‘Life coaching’.. such a broad term, brimmed with meaning!
My husband and I were fortunate to do this ‘Leadership Coaching’ with Rita.
It was a time in our life when we needed it the most, as many issues had to be addressed simultaneously. Each session was a learning experience.
The assignments and the guidance brought in a new perspective to our lives.
As for me, the ups and downs in my life were so far being dealt with pain, pity and feeling of hopelessness.
I have now learnt to cope up with every situation boldly and with confidence.
I still tend to sometimes have signs of ‘giving up’ which I am sure I will overcome completely, as I follow all assignments and instructions with determination.
Thank you Rita.. These wonderful sessions have made a world of difference to us!!
I see a new road with more lights and brightness after my sessions with you. Will always be grateful for this!