Life CoachingSanket Pai, Pune

I want to acknowledge you for the time and patience that you demonstrated. The realm of awareness that you operated from was phenomenal.

There were times when I was just going on and on about some story that was replaying in my head, but you did not partner in that story, you were operating from a higher level, and knew at what point you could pull me out of it. And it was done gradually without giving me a jerk, or even judging me. I felt completely listened to. That is something I really appreciate.

I acknowledge your ability to listen not just to the spoken words but also to the unspoken ones through my tone, words, and body language.

Coaching sessions with you have been a major game changer for me. Each session was an eye opener for different aspects of my life. There were no judgments from you whatsoever and you listened deeply. I came to you to help me graduate at a university level, and you helped me build a solid kindergarten foundation, which in my opinion is very essential in the long run. In other words, if I keep doing the same things, in the same way, I’d probably get the same results. Your sessions helped me widen my perspective, not just towards myself but also towards building my business.