Feng Shui ConsultancyNita Chauhan, Singapore

We are truly grateful to Fifth Element for the amazing impact their Feng Shui Consultancy has had in our life.
Initially when it was suggested that we should use the main entrance only to our house, I was willing to do it myself, but had apprehensions if all my family members would agree because we were so used to using the back door only. But I was rather surprised that they all agreed to do it so willingly when I gave them the background, and it was a smooth transition. In fact we closed the back door completely.
In the next few days a Pandora's box seemed to have opened up. The issues in our life which had been kept on the back burner, started coming straight into our face and had to be addressed, rather confronted. Not only this, issues that other people were quietly keeping hidden from us started to reveal themselves. Obviously this was to our benefit.
When me and my family embarked on all the recommended shifts suggested by you, we realised that they made so much sense.
My son got admission into the best junior college, i.e. Singapore Raffles Institution.
My husband and I are embarking on a new business venture of Men’s luxury shoes, which has been my passion for several years.
I did lose my job twice in a span of four months, however I have still gained in other ways.
You had advised me that before doing the shifts in the house, I should take permission from my mom who owns the house we live in. I had my reservations and did not want to ask her. For almost a month I kept facing challenges for incorporating the various shifts suggested by you. When you told me to reconsider asking my mom, I went and spoke to her and she was absolutely fine with it.
Immediately after that, all the shifts happened smoothly.
We are amazed at the role of energy in our lives.