Life CoachingR. K. Sharma, Greater Noida

Life Coaching with Fifth Element has been a wonderful experience.
Before I decided to go for the Life Coaching, I felt choked in my life as if someone had blocked my way from all sides, and I was not able to come out. I used to wonder why this is happening to me.
Life coaching sessions have been like a guiding source which have given me a direction, and made me feel confident again. It has helped me to know myself and identify myself. It has helped me identify my patterns in a very logical manner and guided me how to shift them. From being a victim, today I have moved to being the creator. Doors have started to open up for me in life.
It took me a while to understand how to make Time and Money work in my favour, rather than being a victim of them. It’s been a kind of Transforming experience.
Another big revelation for me has been that we need not go searching for GOD to temples and churches or any religious places. We just need to activate that part inside us, without having to go anywhere. It makes life so much easier.
I am really thankful that I went through this before it was too late….or things in my life would have been worse. Not only me, but my whole family is benefitting from my having gone through this.
My gratitude to Rita who puts in a lot of research and energy to give each one of us a customized coaching.
This indeed has been the Most Important Event at such a crucial phase of our life.
I would recommend my children…each one of them as and when possible ….they should also go for it. There is no particular time or stage in life for this….it can and should be undertaken by everyone.