Life CoachingMehak Sharma, Speech Therapist, Dubai

I did my Life Coaching with Fifth Element after I was rather impressed by my parents who had done the same prior to me. I thought there was no hope for any change in them and then they did this Life Coaching and I definitely felt a difference, not just in them but also in the overall vibe of our family.
I had been going through severe depression, weight gain and a pretty shitty feeling that I had been pushed underground and there was no way back up. I thought I knew why this was happening, but sometimes just knowing the answer isn't enough. So I thought of Life coaching because somewhere I was aware that this was not just something I could get over by distracting myself or 'being positive', etc. I knew the root cause had to be dealt with.
My first session itself was quite revealing to me about my life patterns and some root causes to me being who I am. I was listened to and guided patiently throughout. We did sessions and assignments together and Ms Rita was always at my rescue. I immediately started feeling better. That dark cloud started lifting. I could understand myself better. The sad part is that I never completed all my assignments. However, despite that I certainly saw changes in my life, and was able to face myself and the world again.
There are many lessons that we may keep reading about in various books and forwarded messages, and we may understand them conceptually. But Life Coaching helped me identify the depths of these lessons. My intention of doing this Life coaching was very personal mostly. But am sure that be it a professional or health or relationship or any other issue, it all starts from within us. Hence, if we can sort out what's within us, then things in the outer world automatically work out. So Life Coaching works for everyone in every area. Only thing is be willing to work on yourself.
I sincerely am grateful to Fifth Element for guiding me through this journey.