Feng Shui ConsultancySG, New York

Doing Feng Shui Consultancy for my apartment with Fifth Element has been a very positive experience for me. I also realized that the recommendations took into consideration all my requests.
The biggest shifts were the improvements in familial relationships. I had not talked to my sister in close to 2 years, and right around when I started with Feng Shui Consultation, she just reached out to me on my birthday, initiating contact after a long time. Since then we have both made conscious efforts to stay in touch and meet up when we can. I am now more active in my nephew and niece’s lives.
Also my aunt and uncle whom I had not met in 30 plus years, although we were in touch, reached out and came to visit me during their trip to the US, and also stayed with me for a full weekend.
I have also seen improvements in my dating life. Even though nothing concrete has yet worked out, I am now hopeful that it will soon.
I noticed that the money flow had improved (even though my earning capacity didn’t change drastically).
Financially I was able to refinance my mortgage, which reduced my monthly payments considerably.
I also felt a drastic improvement in my health. A lot of minor health ailments slowly started reducing or disappearing.
I now consciously pursue my hobby of painting, which helps my moods tremendously.
I had been asked to remove one of my art pieces – a famous Picasso that I had copied on my own and was very proud of it.
I was surprised that a close friend who came to my apartment a couple of days later, loved that very piece and wanted the same.
I gladly just took that down and handed it over to him. To me, good energy had already started flowing into my apartment.