Life CoachingNisha Sidhu, USA

Life coaching with Rita has been a life-altering experience for me and I am forever in gratitude for this journey. Rita, through her life coaching, has taught me to genuinely look at the difficult moments that I have had in my life in a new and positive light. With each challenge that I have faced, I have learned the deeper meaning behind it and now I can truly be thankful for every experience, good or bad, and attribute it's blessing to the simple fact that it has shaped and made me the person I am today. I can actually say with a huge smile that I love myself and the person that I am. This is something which I never could have even dreamt of saying in the past.
At times it wasn't easy. In fact, there were a number of things I found difficult to let go, but Rita has a way of bringing about the positive changes in such a creative, caring, and beautiful way that I never felt any pressure. In reality, it was quite the opposite. At the end of each session I felt so light and happy that I honestly didn't want the session to end.
Her techniques and analogies are brilliant and she has an amazing way of showing the light indirectly so that you are the one making the discovery. This not only fosters a feeling of independence and has a stronger impact, but it also has a long lasting effect that you don't forget outside of the sessions. She gives you the tools that you can apply in daily life to deal with any challenging situation and I continue to use them every day.
The enormously positive results of life coaching are not only emotional for me but they are physical too. For 8 years, I have suffered from a chronic disease that at times made it impossible for me to leave home. I have never known or understood the true connection of mind, body, and spirit until now, and I can attest to its power through the amazing turnaround I have experienced in my health.
Rita is a gift to this world that I hope many more people can experience. The passion she has for her work and her beautiful outlook on life is absolutely inspiring. I am beyond blessed to have her guide me through this wonderful journey.
Forever in Gratitude