Reiki TrainingSaira Menon Sethi, New York.

I was introduced to Reiki couple of years ago as a recipient.
On more than 2 occasions I received Reiki Healing from Rita and healed almost instantly; once for a stiff neck, and another time for a twisted ankle.
This obviously raised a high level of curiosity in me and the need to learn more. I decided to enrol for Reiki level I in April 2015.
During the 2 day workshop, I learnt that Reiki goes beyond the physical realms that one talks about. I have been suffering from eczema for more than a decade, something that has left scars on my right arm which I felt quite conscious about. I tried several remedies - including natural, steroid creams etc. which did give me temporary relief, but I never quite understood the root. For me this was the biggest breakthrough during the workshop, when with the guidance from the facilitator I was able to track the reason why I attracted it.
Following this, during the 21 day post-practices, I noticed a decrease in my eczema 'itching' symptoms, I was able to sleep better, and felt calmer than usual. My skin condition feels better and so does my overall well-being.
Undoubtedly, Reiki has proven to be more than a blessing for me and I look forward to learning Level 2 from Fifth Element.
In gratitude, Saira