Life CoachingAaliya Mulla, Mumbai, India

“This Life Coaching has been the most enlightening experience thus far. It has taught me more about myself than I’d ever have recognised, and has already helped bring about many positive changes in my life.
I initially expected it to be similar to weekly sessions with a psychiatrist wherein you’d talk, answer questions, be told how to go about doing things and use mental exercises to trick your mind into thinking positively.
On the other hand, here I got something very different. Life Coaching gave me the platform to think for myself, it helped me choose a path of positive & objective thinking wherein I myself take the onus & action to improve my life, & hold myself with pride, dignity & responsibility.
The coach is very patient & understanding. From a very neutral standpoint, she has helped me and also enabled me to see & understand both sides of the picture in every situation. She has been a fantastic guide, and rather than spoon feeding inputs into me, has triggered the thinker, introspection & retrospection streak in me instead. The style of coaching evokes more out of a person rather than instils into a person which further aids one to rationalize for themselves.
While the modules start off as very specific titles, you later learn how they weave into every aspect of your life & how everything at Life Coaching, from start to finish serves as the best road map into one’s being.
It has been a major eye opener in ways that I hadn’t expected. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, right from the origin of what made me who I am today, from the creator perspective. I am now going to carry myself with a lot more confidence and faith in myself.
The first problem addressed was my need for freedom at home which I believed I wasn’t being given. Life Coaching helped me change my understanding of it, and switch my energy to a point where my relationship with my parents has improved tremendously. Not only has the constant friction between them and me reduced, but it has also helped improve communication with them. My relationship with my parents has only gotten stronger. Not only has it positively affected my rapport at home, I have also been able to strengthen my relations with peers & am being perceived better than before.
I would have been very reluctant to enrol myself into something such as “Life Coaching” at any other time in life before this. But I now believe that things happen for one’s good, & I am extremely happy and truly stand with the fact that life coaching is now a very crucial aspect in me shaping myself and my energy positively, & for which I will always be very grateful.""