Feng Shui ConsultancySitwat Mulla, Mumbai, India

I plunged into Feng Shui with complete faith in my consultant and was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.
The report provided was extremely meticulous and detailed. It seemed like my life with all its covert details that I don’t easily expose to the outside world being brought out gently and issues/problems being addressed very subtly. The report also generated an air of positivity and assurance that was infectious and I wanted to sink deep and involve and apply myself in following the instructions and make changes in the placement of objects and colours as recommended in my household by my consultant.
Yes it did probe deeply into personal relations and life situations. Wish to add here that the major issue in my home was that the family members were not on the same page and this was identified and addressed very successfully.
The first shift I experienced was that I felt much more calm, more patient and most importantly was not nit-picking and nagging with daughter, maids etc. My husband Zahid who prior to the consultation was a ball of fire despite being overseas also seemed more relaxed, composed and patient. Daughter Aaliya”s equation with me and Zahid has become very harmonious and pleasant.
Relations between Zahid, Aaliya and me have improved drastically. Bonding between Zahid and me is better and improving steadily. Zahid is less stressed now, more given in to consulting, taking opinion and not dictating as earlier.
Family property which we were unaware of has surfaced and surprisingly Zahid being a direct inheritor by birth and hierarchy gets it.
Meal time at the dining table seemed such a torture earlier, and is now changed to fun swap sessions for all of us especially Aaliya who has loads of inputs about her new job and college and future plans.
An honest confession it took me a while to agree to have this consultation but must clearly admit how I wish it was done earlier and that a lot of time had not been wasted and moments lost.
My home has already transformed into a haven of peace, warmth, and pure contentment. There is a light, pleasant, and welcoming feel to the entire house.