Life CoachingArchana Dhingra, Pune, India

Life coaching has been life transforming for me at the most fundamental level. This has helped me to question some of my belief systems and my deep rooted habits, and I feel empowered to create the life that I want.
I was expecting transformation by being told what to do. I instead see a mind-shift in me from being ‘Someone who has to be told what to do’ – to ‘Being a leader’.
There’s a lot more self-belief and confidence in me. I’ve got more connected to my own inner-guidance system and also learning to rely on it to navigate through life.
The experience with the coach was phenomenal. I would always lose track of time talking to her. And in each session I wanted more and more of her, more discussions & more insights. There were some difficult moments and some sessions were heavy for me as well. Because you get to see a side of yours which you may not want to see. Therefore, the integration of that information could take time. I’ve been in this integration mode for a while now. And coming out of it with enhanced clarity & confidence. I am much more intuitive and trusting of my life than ever before.
I am voicing my all my emotions in a much better way. And whenever I slip I immediately realise how I could have done it differently.
Now when a challenge comes up I do not feel overpowered by self-doubt. I am able to see the risk in the situation and then take a decision accordingly. It’s a new found balance that I am experiencing.
The goals that I’ve been wanting to achieve, the right information, the right guidance – in short everything is aligning up for me.
This support again goes back to the immense trust I now feel in life and my own higher intelligence.
I have asked for the next role at work believing that I am worthy of it and aligning my day to day actions to that role.
Also I am going all out and having difficult conversations with people when required. I am living and speaking my truth more and more.
As new issues come up, I have the tools now to navigate through all of those and more. To confidently decide what to do and take action towards it.
I am presently going through one of the most difficult times of my life. Yet surprisingly people are seeing me as more and more joyful in the situation, and my son is growing up to be a more confident child and expresses himself more freely.
My long pending medical claim of 8 months ago just came through, in spite of the fact that there was little hope of it coming. My trust in life process played a major role in making this happen.