Life CoachingDeepali Chheda, Mumbai

It has been a very evolving experience to understand and connect with my true self. There is so much I learnt about myself, my dark & bright sides, my strengths & weaknesses, and most importantly I learnt how to love, accept & appreciate myself.
As I am connecting with myself more, I feel a stronger connect with my husband Bhavesh, the way it used to be when I fell in love with him. I am feeling empowered and stronger each day.
Things have started falling in place like magic. I have started focusing more on the intent rather than the issues.
Life has become so much easier for me. I have done other transformational programs, but the kind of shifts I’ve experienced during my sessions with you and thereafter are truly amazing. Each session took me to the next level, leading me to lots of self-realizations. My mind drama of guilt and regret doesn’t happen any more. My expressing is more specific and meaningful now. Time management has become so effective that I’m able to balance well between my ‘Me time’ and ‘We time with family’. And one of the highlights is that after a gap of almost 15 years I have resumed my studies and joined the university again.
I find myself smiling more. I’m very happy and feel content, fulfilled, energized and powerful.
I experienced you as an amazing coach with beautiful understanding towards life and relations. You are positive, motivating, and a very good listener. Sometimes I wondered how you could listen, understand and coach me and Bhavesh together on a particular issue which could have a different learning for us individually, and that too in a way that neither of us felt judged, and you were equally fair to both of us. Your coaching style is so simple and to the point that it directly touches the strings that need to be worked on. Your way of addressing an issue is matter of fact and non-judgmental, making it easier for us to accept and create a space to learn and evolve.
Thank you for showing me the ways to connect with my inside to change my outside.
Thank you for guiding me to bring this awareness and live in the moment.