Life CoachingPriya Reddy, Bangalore, India

When I took Life Coaching with Rita, the benefits I got have been truly beyond my expectation. To be honest, I was sceptical that this could work.
My husband had become an alcoholic many years ago. He was in denial of the situation, and I think so was I and the rest of the family.
This was obviously taking a huge toll on me and my daughter as well. I was on the verge of leaving him, when someone suggested I take Life Coaching with Rita. I had scoffed at the idea. I strongly believed that it was my husband who needed counselling, coaching, treatment and whatever else possible. I was a victim. Why should I have to take any coaching?
Anyways as a last resort, one day I thought of meeting up with Rita.
The Coaching sessions started to reinstate my belief in myself. Of course the process was long drawn. But instead of running away from the situation, it somewhere started making me feel courageous and worthy to address it. The strong feelings of hate and bitterness that I had developed towards him started dissolving ever so gradually.
Not just me, even our daughter had started hating him. She feared having him around, and she even feared me because I used to unnecessarily keep snapping at her. I was not myself.
Through the Coaching, I learnt to compassionately look at his condition as any other illness someone may go through. It was truly challenging to take a tough call of getting him admitted into a rehab centre completely against his wish.
I am writing this after my husband has come out of it totally. He is a changed person, so loving and responsible. We are a family again, having fun together.
My husband and some of my family members who were so angry with me for forcefully putting him in the rehab, are in gratitude to me today, and totally in gratitude to Fifth Element.
I am in acknowledgment of Rita’s simple, patient and compassionate, yet firm manner of coaching.