Life CoachingAbhishikta Das, Mumbai

When we connected, I had an instant trust in your voice and the belief that you will get me. It only became clearer with every session.

I liked the fact that you took no nonsense from me and showed me the mirror every single time. After each session I was left exhausted and energized at the same time, and the dual feeling of having taken CAT exam and having a Buddha moment simultaneously coexisted.

I am increasingly being a more aware person, and this is allowing flow in me most of the times, and whenever I feel a block, I now have the tools to remove it. I am holding myself so much better in my relationships. I have started respecting my own and others’ boundaries. These sessions gave me confidence that we can in fact create our lives the way we want. I have benefitted tremendously from my Life Coaching and I know you happened to me for a very very strong reason. I have huge respect for you and had loads of fun with you as we unravelled more of myself.