Feng Shui ConsultancyDeepali Chheda, Mumbai

Feng Shui Consultancy has been good and rewarding. It has had a profound impact on me.
When I read your Analysis and Recommendations report, it was hard to believe the accurate observations made. I started wondering how you knew exactly what we wanted and what was missing in our life.
Things like Partnering between me and my husband Bhavesh, health issues, our family growth, how I felt unsupported, unforeseen obstacles in our daughter’s education and things she likes to pursue were the first few that I could instantly resonate with.
Post implementation of your suggestions, I started experiencing a feeling of calmness within and a happy feeling as if Feng Shui was a Magic Wand. Health started getting better and I feel energetic.
Partnering between me and Bhavesh became very good and we started communicating better. It did get a little overwhelming when I began to take a stand for myself which was new, but Bhavesh adjusted so patiently to this new me. The major shift we experienced was that we both agreed to choose the path to transform our life.
I find my daughter has started expressing herself freely. Her energy levels have improved and she has started achieving what she wanted.
Bhavesh is expressing more, is more understanding, calm, peaceful, motivated, and confident. He knew he was going through certain financial situations yet he looked focused and didn’t let that disturb him or bring it home.
Overall even when situations around were stressful, as soon as we stepped home we started experiencing peace within and eventually that peace started expanding even when we were not at home.