Reiki TrainingPriya Singh, Noida

I observed many changes within me...
My thought process started to become more streamlined... It has enabled me to live in the present. My behaviour towards others is better. I don't easily fret as I used to.
Thank you for introducing me to myself.
Everyone in my family, have eye sight issues and wear specs. So I always wanted to wear specs and look one amongst them (not understanding the fact that I have been blessed with a good eyesight). I easily attracted this notion that I have problems in reading and started having constant headaches. To my surprise, exactly a year ago, I was diagnosed with weak eye sight, high eye pressure etc., and to be honest, I was very happy with that... because I got to wear my fancy eye glasses!!

As I have now become aware how we attract diseases, and can also heal the same, I continued giving myself Reiki believing that my eyesight is normal. And believe it or not...
I have not used my specs till date and have no issues in working on my laptop, watching TV continuously or even reading books. This works!
I fell sick twice... and I could heal myself completely within 2 days. I am really happy to utilize my capabilities in healing my own self. I thank Reiki for flowing through me, energising me and making me feel happy and peaceful.
After my own cleansing was complete, I wanted my parents and sister to experience this magic. After the very first healing session, they felt relaxed and light from within.
There are many such experiences that I have had and would love to share more of them when I come to learn Reiki Level-II..
Sincere thanks to Fifth Element for being the guiding light in my life and introducing me to this wonderful practice. I would like to re-emphasise that this is a gift to me, from me and I will always cherish and be grateful to Reiki.
With deep gratitude...