Life CoachingSonia Sharma, Greater Noida

Life is not always the way you want. Even after we tried to make things work in the best possible way in every area, my husband and me still felt things were just slipping out of our hands.

Our life had come to a point where we had no listening for each other. Our differences had started to affect our children as well. And at that time for us the silver lining came in the form of LIFE COACHING which got us a whole new perspective to our life and has brought our family together with a stronger bonding and listening for each other.

It all started very dramatically and most unexpectedly when my husband out of the blue requested Rita of Fifth Element to start our Life Coaching. In no time we were under the wings of Fifth Element.

As we were given full liberty to speak our heart out, we took advantage and poured out all our bitterness towards each other. We had our excuses to blame for everything happening in our life, with no intention to look within.

I was a person who would go out of my way to do things for others, to be in their good books, just to get appreciation. In the bargain, I forgot to live my life or respect myself. Today I have learnt to value and respect myself. I have also learnt to respect time and money which was not there till now.

I was judgemental and authoritative, always wanting things my way. Today the new ME is more approachable and down to earth, more understanding, while listening to others.

Our children are so happy that we now respect and value each other. We are enjoying our outings, which had stopped since long. We are once again a close knit family who had totally lost track of each other’s feelings. Today I feel abundant and beautiful the way I am.

While our Life Coaching sessions were still on, I realised things had already started to move in our lives, surprisingly not just for us, but even bringing in new opportunities for our daughters as well.

We wanted our elder daughter to visit Dubai for a long time but she was not agreeing. Suddenly during this period, she agreed and her visa got approved in one go, which normally is difficult for a single lady traveling to UAE. And before she could fly to Dubai her company surprised her with a promotion and a big jump in her salary package.

My other daughter who had quit her job and was planning to go abroad for higher studies was called back by her prestigious Intl company to join them till she is in India and was offered the post of BDM with a good pay packet. This job is giving her a big exposure in the field she is planning to study.

My husband who has been an easy going person and hated to exercise, now goes for morning walks daily. He had learnt Reiki four years ago but never practiced it, though he believed in it and had experienced its power. Today he is willingly practicing Reiki every day.

To sum it up, I owe a lot to Life Coaching which has completely transformed my life.

Rita has put in a lot of effort to study me, my habits, my way of life, and my approach to life, without being judgmental. She has closely worked with me, giving me the confidence and strength to believe in myself and helped me transform myself gradually with ease and with my comfort level. She has actually given me and my family a beautiful new life with new perspectives.

For me Life Coaching is a gate way to happiness of life, which gives you what you want. You ask and your wish is granted fourfolds.