Life CoachingShipra Chadha, Noida

Life Coaching has been a huge learning experience for me.

I went for Life Coaching with the prime purpose that I was unable to deal with my own Anger. I was angry for trivial reasons, and would then blast off, and this was impacting my relationships with my close ones. It was a vicious circle. I would get angry, say and do inappropriate things, & then a huge guilt would set in. Then I would be more angry with myself, and then one trigger and I would again blast off, and the cycle would go on.

Today after having gone through Life Coaching, I find myself more peaceful & calmer. My son, who used to be the biggest victim of my anger, has started sharing so much more with me now. I have become more compassionate & understanding in my relationships with people around me. I have lesser judgments about others, and about myself too. I don't get into the guilt trap often, nor am I feeling sad and low about myself. I can and do make mistakes, and I am ready to accept and work on them. This allows me to be more patient and forgiving with others too.

I have started taking up ownership of my life. While the life coaching sessions were going on, taking possession of our new house, getting the wood-work and electrical work done, and even renting the house happened so smoothly and effortlessly.

With immense support from Fifth Element, I organized a Reiki workshop in Delhi.

My money which was stuck with a company got released. Though it was a small amount, it had caused so much bitterness inside me because I was busy pointing fingers at them.

As I took ownership and responsibility of the situation, the money just came on its own without any efforts.

A lot of aspects about me were unearthed during the process, which I resisted accepting.

As my acceptance is growing, my judgments about others are going down, and I find myself much calmer and peaceful. The more I am looking in every situation as to how have I created this, there is little left to blame others. The more I am willing to let go of my controls, the more peaceful I am becoming. My relationship with my own self and others is shifting.

The commitment with which Rita didi operates is just amazing. She was more committed to my growth than I have ever been to myself. I am so grateful to Fifth Element and Rita didi for their constant guidance and support.