Reiki TrainingSonia Sharma, Greater Noida

I enrolled myself for Reiki level II workshop just two days before the workshop, as I felt “I do not have time”. But the day I decided and registered, all was fine after that and I completed it with total ease and support from everyone at home.

The best and most surprising thing happened after the workshop, and that was my husband suddenly approached and requested Rita that he along with me, would like to do Life Coaching with her. This was a big pleasant surprise for me. Well this is how things started to move in positive direction, just by participating in the workshop. I am in gratitude to Rita.

Thereafter my daughter who was planning to go abroad for higher education to USA, found that its better for her to go to UK instead. She immediately contacted the University and was fortunate to get a handsome scholarship. She was working with Adidas since last 9 months but then left them as she planned to take a break.

Even though they knew she is leaving for higher education in two months, still they approached and offered her a still senior position (BDM) with better package and perks. All this happened in just about 2 weeks.

My elder daughter suddenly got her appraisal and got the most unexpected raise in her salary and position. She was also scheduled to visit Dubai for a holiday, and her visa got approved in a day, which at times is difficult for a single lady.

Each day life was giving us a gift of happiness and something amazing to look forward to. All doors had started to open up with the shift in energy with Reiki.

My daily post-workshop practice really gives me solace and total peace of mind and satisfaction, while strengthening my conviction that things are improving and more avenues are opening up for me as well as for my family.

I am in total gratitude to Fifth Element for giving me this amazing experience.

Today I would like to happily declare that I am already looking forward to learning Reiki level -III.