Feng Shui ConsultancySaira Sethi, New York

We had done Feng Shui of our earlier home in Singapore some years ago. However this is our first time getting it done before we actually moved into the apartment.

In fact we also took guidance from Fifth Element to choose the apartment from energy perspective.

This had advantages:
· We were able to decorate the home and pick out the right colors & ideas.
· Concurrently, as suggested by Fifth Element, we also focussed on putting our energies on all those areas that we wished to enhance.
The consultancy has proved beneficial in multiple areas:
We see a lot of opportunities in terms of work and career, considering we just moved into New York. We began to have multiple options to consider. There has been a steady flow of finances. My husband and me also feel our health is in pretty good shape, adjusting well to the new environment and climate.

We have had a fair amount of family get-togethers and that has brought in a lot of fun and happiness in our lives.

The biggest challenge while setting up a new business in a new country is opportunity and we have been experiencing a good amount of that once we completed the Feng Shui.

As a couple we began to spend more time together and connecting at a deeper level. We are happy to have consulted Fifth Element once again and will continue to do so.